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Wedding vows are the most personal sacred, romantic, loving and sincere, lifelong promises shared from the heart of one person to another...

They should be a original, wonderful expression of you and what you feel for your partner...

… but many times, it's really really tough coaxing just the right words onto paper to express your true feelings.

The big problem is many times... you just don't know where (or how) to start...

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"Thank you for your 50 Wedding Vow guide, my fiancee & I have chosen number 7 for our vows to say to each other when we get married. Thank you & God bless." - Allen D. Shellenbarger

My name is Elizabeth Gray and I've been a professional marriage celebrant for over 9 years...

In that time I've married over 900 couples (944 to be exact), and it's clear that writing deep, heart-felt wedding vows can be one of the most elusive tasks facing anyone who's soon-to-be-married.

This is why I'd like to offer you a free guide containing the 50 most original and expressive wedding vows I've come across in my time as a professional wedding celebrant.

It's a simple, succint, easy-to-read collection of 50 of the most original, bare-faced honest & compelling vows that I've ever heard.

You'll agree that sometimes, all you need is a simple, get-your-creative-juices-flowing resource like this to use as a starting point... just to get you thinking...

... and this collection of 50 totally ORIGINAL marriage vows will hopefully help you take your innermost feelings and make them tangible in your own special way.

...so grab this free guide right away because if it gets any more popular, I'll be taking it down soon to sell for real money!

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Elizabeth Gray
Professional Wedding Celebrant (since 2001)
Justice of the Peace (retired)

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